Saunas & Sauna Cabins

    All saunas are prepared for connection to electric heaters, by special order traditional wood heaters are also possible. The sauna benches are made from wood with low thermal conductivity such as aspen or black alder. Standard benches are meant to be used by 1-4 persons. Depending on the model the sauna house includes only a steam room, dressing room with steam room or steam room with washing room and dressing room.
    The steam room has a tempered glass door with wooden knob and tempered glass windows.
    All sauna houses have a heater protector, back and head rests (for lying down).
    The products are made from Nordic spruce and pine, with narrow rings that result in strong wood, mainly from local Saaremaa island and Skandinavian forests.

    • Floor area 3.6-25.7 m2
    • Wall thickness 58, 70, 92 mm


    “We offer a diverse range of approximately 1200 unique models, spanning across different product categories. While the samples below give you a glimpse of our range, our sales team is here to assist you in finding the perfect design for your requirements. Get in touch with us for personalized guidance and recommendations.”


    Sauna Karina - Sandla Puit

    • The sauna Karina is a spacious sauna house which can be enlarged on the front side to include a washing and dressing room. In addition to the steam room there is a spacious, cosy area for lounging.
    • Wall exterior dimensions 4 780 x 5 680 mm
    • Wall thickness 70 mm
    • Attic dimensions 4 780 x 2 200 mm
    • Floor boards 28 mm, roof and attic boards 18 mm
    • Windows and doors are insulating units
    • Benches, backrests and a ladder are included with the house

    Sauna cabin Ella - Sandla Puit

    • The sauna Ella is for those who do not want to forfeit having a sauna despite a smaller yard. The small house has a large hall and small terrace where it is nice to cool off.
    • Wall dimensions 3 950 x 3 660 mm
    • Wall thickness 58/70 mm
    • Floor boards 28 mm, roof boards 18 mm
    • Windows and doors are insulating units
    • Benches and backrests are included with the house