Prefab Log Cabins Garden (3,9-10M²)

    The Garden series of garden houses have a floor area of 3.9-10 m² and are mostly used as tool-sheds for garden tools, outdoor kitchens, covered lounge areas in yards etc. The selection also includes versions with awnings.
    There are two ways for joining walls – the traditional cross corner joint or the more modern screw joint solution.
    The garden house has single glazed windows that do not open or windows with inward tilt and turn fittings according to the client wish or house type.
    The roof cover is per client’s choice with the first option being Ruberoid and additional choices are bitumen hexagonal butt shingles or standard bitumen shingles etc. The selection includes models with flat or gabled roofs.
    All surfaces and details are natural, untreated – without wood preservatives.
    The house foundation beams are impregnated. The products are made from Nordic spruce and pine, with narrow rings that result in strong wood, mainly from local Saaremaa island and Skandinavian forests.

    • Floor area 3.9-10m²
    • Wall thickness 19-40mm
    • Roof and floorboard 18mm
    • Roof ridge height 2200-2700mm
    • Door height 1730-1955mm


    “We offer a diverse range of approximately 1200 unique models, spanning across different product categories. While the samples below give you a glimpse of our range, our sales team is here to assist you in finding the perfect design for your requirements. Get in touch with us for personalized guidance and recommendations.”


    Prefab Log Cabin Gustav - Sandla Puit

    • A garden house with two rooms and walls 28mm is perfectly suited for storing garden supplies and tools.
    • Wall size 2800x3900mm
    • Floor- and roof board 18mm
    • Total approx. floor area 11m² (8.54 m2 and 1.92m²)
    • Single-glazed windows



    Prefab Log Cabin - Vera

    • A garden house with walls 40mm and a large spacious terrace is ideal for spring and summer grill parties.
    • The room has walls 3600x2000m and the terrace size is 3600x3600mm
    • Floor and roof board 18mm, impregnated terrace boards 28mm
    • Single-glazed double door



    Material: Spruce
    Wall thicknesses: 28/40
    Foundation beams: Impregnated
    Floor: 18 mm
    Roof: 18 mm
    Storm protection: Wooden lath threaded bolt

    Material: Spruce
    Laminated wood: Only sash
    Suitable wall thicknesses: 28/40
    Opening: Outward
    Seal: –
    Finishing options:
    Threshold: Stainless steel
    Lock system: Cylinder lock
    Glass: Single 3mm
    Crossbar mounting: Screw
    U-number W/(m2*K): 5.6

    Laminated wood: Only frame
    Suitable wall thicknesses: 28/40
    Opening: Inward
    Finishing options:
    Water bar: Wooden
    Tilt and turn fittings:
    Glass: Single 3mm
    Crossbar mounting: Screw
    U-number W/(m2*K): 5.6