About us

    Since 2000, we’ve proudly established ourselves as premier manufacturers of log cabins and other wooden structures, including garden and summer houses, saunas, sheds, pavilions, playhouses, carports, garages and bespoke buildings.

    We operate two production sites, covering a total area of 7300m2. One site is dedicated to mass production, including our own factory for doors and windows, while the other specializes in bespoke models. With the capacity to produce 22,000 buildings annually and our primary focus on wholesale distribution, we ship over 90% of our products to customers across Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, the Balkan countries, Spain and Scandinavia.

    We take pride in being the sole log cabin producer offering a full assortment in 19/28/34/40/44/70/88(glue-lam)/92 mm wall thickness constructions. Our production, equipped with the most modern machinery, is based on the idyllic island of Saaremaa in Estonia, providing access to the finest wood qualities from Estonia and Scandinavia.

    Partner with us to provide your customers with high-quality outdoor buildings that seamlessly blend style with durability.


    We are a group of companies made up of 4 organisations. Wood is our passion and we want to share it with our customers and partners.


    Insel Woodhouse OÜour sales organisation

    Sandla Puit OÜthe heart of our production, where we make wooden houses in a wide variety of styles.

    Insel Mill OÜour own sawmill and small houses manufacturer

    Javicar OÜour timber buying, supply and retail specialist, see more details: www.javicar.ee